Alibaba Clone B2B Script provides everything you need to establish a professionally looking online B2B Website. All most demanded features are supported by our B2B Script. (see B2B Script features list). Our B2B Scripts are extremely flexible - you can freely customize it to meet your demands. However, if you are not an advanced user and do not wish to customize the software, you do not have to - we designed B2B Marketplace Script such that is can be managed and installed by anyone who can use a web browser.


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  • Advanced tree structure explorer viewing of Category and Sub-category
  • Unlimited number of Category and Sub-category
  • Iconified view of Sparse Hierarchy View
  • Complete internal messaging.
  • Completely configurable site colors, icons and graphics.
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  • Responsive design pattern introduced with various events e.g mouse in and out events.
  • Displaying Unlimited / Infinite Levels (depths) Structure of Categories.
  • Pictorial presentation of category hierarchy.
  • Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, countries etc.


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  • Display paid listing first to promote member's products.
  • Highly structured and response design.
  • Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, membership level, countries etc.
  • Responsive presentation with better SEO attention.
  • Easy navigation with members brand promotion.
  • Landing Site, feedback and payment links gets visitor engaged increases sell opportunities for members.

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  • By grouping products in sets you can flexibly manage their publication in your store.
  • Quick navigation area allows skim through without loading entire listing page.
  • Suspend, ban or hide options ensure high control of product for both member and admin area.
  • By grouping products in sets you can flexibly manage their publication in your store's homepage; e.g., display discounted products, bestsellers, new arrivals, etc.


Amazing features of Superb Scripts that make it UNBEATABLE...
  • Responsive, Completely dynamic, & Easy to manage from Admin
  • Custom develop your B2B script
  • Template based script
  • Fully Customizable Site Design and HTML
  • Customizable Item Display
  • UNLIMITED categories / sub categories
  • Comprehensive Product Details
  • Customized Product Search and site Browsing
  • Comprehensive Category Management
  • Private Forum , Resources and Business Directory
  • All Web Browser Compatibility

  • Easy installation script!
  • Flexible template system allows you to easily change design
  • Protection from Hackers
  • Web based Administration tool
  • Supports Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Multi-Language Script
  • Different Membership Levels
  • Script Motivates members to become Platinum / Gold Members
  • Good earning potential


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  • Responsive User friendly & good looking design
  • Captcha Image Verification on Registration Page
  • Captcha Image Verification on Contact Page
  • Login using Social networking sites
  • New color scheme and style for Members Area
  • Improved complete website Buttons to make it more attractive
  • Improved TrustPass system and its verification system
  • Scrolling suggetion button on main page
  • Scrolling Contact now button in company profile
  • Social bookmarking system fore more than (300+) websites
  • Mini Sitemap on Main page
  • Possibility to integrate Chat Messenger
  • Made TradeManager extra page so you can use it for chat messenger
  • Updated all countries profile
  • Improved Company Profile theme
  • Improved Language files
  • Enhanced Security
  • Ideal Product
  • Hot News Section
  • Big Buyers Section
  • Featured Partners Section
  • Tell a friend
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • URL Rewriting to improve search engine visibility
  • Internal messaging system for communication between buyers and sellers
  • Maintain contact list and block list of members
  • Regenerate thumbnails of existing images
  • Dynamic thumbnailing of images
  • Superb Deals
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Bargain Buys
  • Sub-Domain for each company profile:(i.e http://nokia.yourdomainname.com )(New)
  • RSS Feeds
  • Different ads for different categories
  • Forum posting display on main page
  • Unlimited language files can be enabled for the script front end
  • Display paid listing first to promote member's products
  • Success Stories
  • Trade Shows
  • Business Directory
  • Popular Searches
  • Advertise Management
  • TrustPass
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  • Registration Form real time validation
  • Payment Gateways : Paypal, 2checkout , Cheque And Wire Transfer
  • Detailed Sitemap
  • Detailed Resource Center
  • Help Center
  • Countries Profile
  • Buyers Tools
  • Sellers Tools
  • Completely configurable site colors, icons and graphics
  • Multilevel categories for convenient browsing
  • Product Catalog
  • Company profiles
  • Sell Offers
  • Buy Offers
  • Image gallery for products, sell offers and buy offers
  • Upload multiple images for a single product/offer
  • Logo uploading for company profiles
  • Trade alerts in email
  • Complete internal messaging system
  • Inbox/outbox for messages
  • Contact list
  • Block list
  • Contact seller/buyer
  • Multiple membership levels : Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze with their Roles
  • Maintain company profile
  • Post/Edit/Remove sell offers
  • Post/Edit/Remove buy offers
  • Post/Edit/Remove catalog items
  • WTSIWYG editor for HTML formatted item description
  • Front page display and special exposure to Platinum member listings
  • Advanced search with search suggestions
  • Search based on keywords, categories, posting dates, membership level, countries
  • Front page display for listing categories and Platinum member listings
  • Inquire about multiple products
  • Inquiry basket
  • Site usage stats
  • Extensive Members control panel
  • Contact us form for getting feedback from visitors
  • Favorite list management system
  • Email verification (Can be switched on/off from admin panel)
  • Password retrieval system
  • SPAM messages protection
And Much More...


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  • User friendly & good looking admin panel
  • Database Backup Facility
  • Captcha Image Verification on Login Page
  • Admin Password Reterival System
  • ENHANCED SECURITY with MD5 one way encryption
  • Admin Sitemap
  • Improved Statistics Section
  • Auto generate password for New Admin
  • Auto generate password for New Member
  • Manage Superb Deal from Admin Panel
  • Maange Members Listings
  • Export All Members Data
  • Manage TrustPass system
  • Manage Sell Offers Listings
  • Export all Sell Offers Records
  • Manage Buy Offers Listings
  • Export all Buy Offers Records
  • Manage Product Catalog Listings
  • Export all Product Catalogs Records
  • Manage Company Profile Listings
  • Export all Company Profiles Records
  • Advance Search System
  • Advertise Management System
  • Customized Welcome message, Terms & conditions
  • Customized Policy, Help Text, Partner Information
  • Manage categories / Sub-categories
  • Newsletter Management System
  • Feature Partners Management
  • Extensive usage stats
  • Recent stats for offers posted today, yesterday and in last 7 days
  • Similar stats are available for catalog items, profiles and new signups
  • Categories management console (multilevel)
  • Add / edit / remove categories
  • Category ordering for display on front end
  • Shift listings from one category to another
  • Highly configurable site parameters
  • Highly configurable layout parameters
  • Sponsored ad management
  • Support for banner ads
  • Support for text ads
  • Support for affiliate ads
  • Support for Google adsense
  • Admin can Add/Edit/Delete/Approve/Disapprove any ad
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  • Change Admin Password
  • Admin can add more administrators with their Roles
  • Payment Gateways can be enable/disable from admin panel
  • Php mail setting Sendmail / SMTP
  • Cache Management
  • Trade Shows Management
  • Manage Directory Listings
  • Manage Resource and Help Canter
  • Manage Classifieds
  • Manage Subscribers List
  • Success Stories Management
  • Help , Policy, Text Management
  • Switch ON-OFF email verification process
  • Configure all outgoing emails
  • Send Newsletter to members
  • Dynamic image thumbnailing using image magick
  • Cleanup routines
  • Configure Roles and fees for different membership levels
  • Extensive member management console
  • View/Edit/Delete Members
  • Search members
  • Manage currencies
  • Bad word filter
  • Extensive catalog management console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve products in catalog
  • Extensive company profile management console
  • Search/view/edit/approve company profiles
  • Extensive buy offers management console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve buy offers
  • Extensive sell offers management console
  • Search/edit/delete/approve sell offers
  • Search/edit/delete messages sent through site
  • Visitor feedbacks section
  • Access rights of each level are configurable from the admin panel
  • Category ordering can be defined by admin or set to alphabetic
  • Countries Profile Management
  • Manage Featured Partners
  • Manage Classifieds
  • Manage Trade Shows
  • Manage Success Stories
And Much More...